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Fr. Joseph Fessio
Founder, Ignatius Press

Fr. Joseph Fessio is founder and editor of Ignatius Press, which is the primaryEnglish-language publisher of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s writings and thepublisher of Catholic World Report. Fr. Fessio wrote his dissertation under thedirection of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI (then-Professor Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger).
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Mark Middendorf
President, Ave Maria University

Mark Middendorf, a Chicago native, was educated at Northern Illinois University and holds a Master of Business Administration in Finance from DePaul University. Building on his successes as a corporate manager and marketer, Middendorf followed a special call to found Lighthouse Catholic Media (LCM), a lay apostolate that became the largest producer of Catholic audio talks on the planet before merging with Augustine Institute in 2015. Middendorf served as Executive Vice President For Mission Expansion at Augustine Institute before becoming AMU’s fourth President in February
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Mark Brumley
President, Ignatius Press

Mark Brumley has worked at Ignatius Press since 1995, and has been president since the early 2000s. Mark describes himself as a “double convert”, as he was largely unchurched as a child growing up in St. Louis, Missouri, later became an Evangelical Christian with extreme anti-Catholic views, and then converted to Catholicism after years of reading the Church Fathers, Frank Sheed, G.K. Chesterton, Louis Bouyer, and many others.
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