Ignatius Book Fairs Presents: Inspiring Catholic Saints for Your Child’s Life

The Catholic Church provides the faithful with many gifts and opportunities to grow closer to God. Among these gifts is the communion of saints who are witnesses to Christ through their lives and stories. Families seeking to grow closer to Christ will find the following Catholic saints helpful and inspiring for their journey to Heaven. Check out these powerful and wholesome saint stories for your children at the next Ignatius Book Fair!

Saint John Bosco and Dominic Savio | Youthful Witnesses to the Catholic Faith

If you're looking for a Catholic saint to inspire your children, there is no one better than St. John Bosco! Serving as an apostle to the youth, St. John Bosco opened several schools and brought many children to the faith by encouraging them in prayer and closer communion with God. St. John Bosco was also known for his great sense of humor!

One of his students, St. Dominic Savio, died at 14 years old and was later canonized in 1954. His desire to become a saint led him to do "ordinary things in an extraordinary way." In Saint John Bosco and Dominic Savio by Catherine Beebe, children will enjoy reading about a saint as old as them! At the next Ignatius Book Fair, keep your eye out for this beautiful and faithful story of two inspirational Catholic saints!

St. Thérèse the Little Flower | A Catholic Child with a Big Message

Learn more about St. Thérèse of Lisieux, the beloved French saint, at the Ignatius Book Fair! Affectionately known as “The Little Flower,” St. Thérèse joined the Carmelite sisters as a teenager. Her “Little Way” of living teaches important truths about humility, meekness, and complete dependence on God. Raised in a devout family, Thérèse grew up with four older sisters; each of whom also joined the religious life. Her parents, Zelie and Louis Martin are also known for their holiness and recognized as saints!  

Saint Thérèse and the Roses by Helen Walker Homan describes the humble life of St. Thérèse and her devotion to the Child Jesus. Thérèse's humility and child-like faith make her the perfect saint for your family to learn more about!

Ignatius Book Fair Tip: Interested in more about St. Thérèse of Lisieux? Look for The Little Way: A Journey to the Summit of Love at the next Ignatius Book Fair!

St. Bernadette | Ignatius Book Fairs Saint of the Month!  

In 1858, Our Lady of Lourdes appeared to little Bernadette, speaking with her and performing miracles of spiritual and physical healing. At Lourdes, Our Lady revealed herself as “the Immaculate Conception,” a term young Bernadette had never heard before. To this day, thousands of people gather at the apparition sight in southern France to touch the waters and pray for miracles—and the miracles have continued to occur!

Children can read about the story of St. Bernadette in Bernadette: Our Lady’s Little Servant by Hertha Pauli. Her story is a testimony to the miraculous power of trust in the Lord and sweet simplicity. Learn more about Our Lady of Lourdes and St. Bernadette at the Ignatius Book Fair or online at shop.ignatiusbookfairs.com.

At Ignatius Book Fairs, we aim to foster a love of reading and ensure children can access literature that aligns with Catholic values. We believe in the transformative power of books to mold character and enrich minds. That’s why we offer a thoughtfully curated selection of Christian as well as non-religious works that inspire, educate, and allow children to explore the complementary nature of faith and literature.

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