Ignatius Book Fair: May Book of the Month Spotlight

Mary Stories from the Bible- Magnificat and Ignatius Press

For centuries, Catholics have designated May to be the month of Mary! This May, introduce your children to the beautiful Marian stories of the Gospels, presented in an easy-to-understand book.

Accompanied with engaging illustrations, Mary Stories from the Bible follows five events from the Bible, including the Childhood of Mary, the Annunciation, the Birth of Jesus, the Wedding Feast at Cana, and the Death and Resurrection of Jesus. By looking at these biblical events through the eyes of Mary, children gain a deeper understanding of Mary's role in salvation history as well as her place as their spiritual mother!

Mary Stories from the Bible follows the events of Mary's life from her childhood to the death of her son, Jesus

Mary Stories from the Bible offers a compelling and accessible way for children to connect with the profound teachings of Scripture and the enduring legacy of Mary's faith and devotion. Take your children on an adventure through the Bible this May, pursuing Jesus through Mary!

At Ignatius Book Fairs, we aim to foster a love of reading and ensure children can access literature that aligns with Catholic values. We believe in the transformative power of books to mold character and enrich minds. That’s why we offer a thoughtfully curated selection of Christian as well as non-religious works that inspire, educate, and allow children to explore the complementary nature of faith and literature.

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