Ignatius Book Fairs: Highlighting Key Catholic Authors and Timeless Christian Series

To get the best literature in the hands of your children, Ignatius Book Fairs features hundreds of beloved authors and cherished titles. Among these authors are notable Catholic writers who have used their skills to provide readers with faith-based literature. Additionally, Ignatius Book Fairs offers many timeless fictional series which have inspired thousands of readers over the years. Make sure to look out for these Catholic authors and classic book series at an Ignatius Book Fair near you!

  1. The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis | A Timeless Christian Series  

The Chronicles of Narnia series, penned by the esteemed C.S. Lewis, has been a staple on countless bookshelves, captivating young readers with enchanting tales of adventure and courage. Readers travel to the magical land of Narnia where they encounter numerous challenges and battles alongside the Pensive children. Each book features moral lessons and Christian truths, making them not only entertaining but also deeply impactful for readers of all ages. If you’re looking for a wholesome, Christian book series to read with your child, look no further than The Chronicles of Narnia! Visit your nearest Ignatius Book Fair or shop.ignatiusbookfairs.com to pick up this beloved series.  

  1. Fiorella de Maria | A Catholic Author with a Knack for Mystery  

Fiorella de Maria, a Catholic author renowned for her compelling mysteries, has penned numerous gripping tales, from her acclaimed Father Gabriel Mystery series to her wholesome historical work, A Most Dangerous Innocence. Blending faith and suspense, Fiorella’s popularity has risen in recent years as more readers discover her inspiring stories. In addition to her crime thrillers, de Maria has also written devout Catholic works detailing the lives of the saints. Of these, her most notable book explores the life of St. Maxamillian Kolbe, hero of the Holocaust. Fiorella de Maria primarily writes for young adult audiences, and her books can be found at Ignatius Book Fairs nationwide!  

Not able to attend one of our Book Fairs? Visit shop.ignatiusbookfairs.com to explore our vast collection of wholesome and Catholic literature!  

  1. J.R.R Tolkien | One of the Greatest Catholic Authors of All Time  

When discussing the greatest Catholic authors of all time, J.R.R Tolkien is sure to be in the top five. Perhaps trailing only St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Augustine, Tolkien’s descriptive style and Catholic themes make his works some of the most popular titles at the Book Fair! Tolkien’s fantasy novels, especially The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings trilogy, have entertained and inspired readers for decades. Portraying the battle between good and evil, Tolkin not only captivates audiences with epic adventures but presents readers with Christian moral lessons. Pick up your collector's edition of the Lord of the Rings trilogy at the next Ignatius Book Fair!  

  1. Jean-Francois Kieffer | An Illustrator of Wholesome Children's Literature  

Jean-Francois Kieffer, a talented illustrator and author, has produced numerous children’s books, incorporating his devout faith into each of his works. In his most famous series, The Adventures of Loupio, Kieffer writes and illustrates the story of a young Christian traveler who learns lessons in courage and faith. Young Loupio, a 13th century orphan, meets St. Francis of Assisi and begins to live a life doing good for others. In the seven-book set, readers travel alongside Loupio learning wholesome lessons in Christian charity and virtue.  

  1. Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery | An Ignatius Book Fair Collectable Box Set!  

The Anne of Green Gables series, first published in 1908, is the model of wholesome storytelling and timeless values. The series follows the adventures of Anne Shirley, a spirited young orphan who learns important life lessons as she grows up on the farm of Green Gables. Anne's journeys, filled with imagination and friendship, reflect the Christian virtues most needed today. Whether exploring the picturesque landscapes of Avonlea or navigating the complexities of growing up, Anne's story is perfect for readers seeking narratives that are both uplifting and safe for children. The collectible four book set is available at Ignatius Book Fairs or online at shop.igantiusbookfairs.com.  

To get your hands on these amazing reads, visit an Ignatius Book Fair or shop online at shop.ignatiusbookfairs.com.

At Ignatius Book Fairs, we aim to foster a love of reading and ensure children can access literature that aligns with Catholic values. We believe in the transformative power of books to mold character and enrich minds. That’s why we offer a thoughtfully curated selection of Christian as well as non-religious works that inspire, educate, and allow children to explore the complementary nature of faith and literature.

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