3 Wholesome Mystery Series You’ll Find at Ignatius Book Fairs

Discover three wholesome mystery series waiting for you at Ignatius Book Fairs! With each book carefully curated for moral and enriching content, Ignatius Book Fairs ensures a safe and uplifting reading experience for families. Explore our collection today and discover mysteries that inspire and foster a love for faith-filled adventures. Check out these and many other wholesome books at the next Ignatius Book Fair or at shop.ignatiusbookfairs.com!

Theodore Boone Series by John Grisham | A Book Fair Team Favorite!

1st Book—Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer

John Grisham’s first book in the Theodore Boone series introduces readers to Theo, a 13-year-old who dreams of being a high stakes trial lawyer. While hanging around his parents’ law firm, Theo learns the details of a recent case involving a murder in his small town. With the help of his friends, Theo does a bit of his own investigating, uncovering some valuable information to help crack the case. This series is perfect for young readers who love suspense, written by one of the most credible mystery authors in the business.  

Book Fair Tip: If you enjoy Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer, check out the second book in the series; Theodore Boone: The Abduction, at the next Ignatius Book Fair!

Encyclopedia Brown Series by Donold J. Sobol | An Safe and Interactive Series for Young Readers

1st Book—Encyclopedia Brown: Boy Detective

Leroy Brown, more commonly known as “Encyclopedia” Brown, works as a detective, charging 25 cents for each mystery he solves. Kids come to Encyclopedia Brown from all over, asking him to use his knowledge to ensure justice is served. Each book provides readers with 10 mysteries that they are encouraged to solve with Encyclopedia Brown! The answers to each short mystery are given at the end of the book so children can check their answers with Encyclopedia's. The Encyclopedia Brown series, for children seven and up, is a fun way to get their brains working and practice their detective skills! Make sure to look for the box set at the next Ignatius Book Fair!

Father Gabriel Mystery Series by Fiorella De Maria | A Gripping Series with a Catholic Twist!

1st Book—The Sleeping Witness

The first book in the Father Gabriel Mystery series, The Sleeping Witness, brings readers to St. Mary’s Abbey in England, where a brutal crime has been committed. There has been a murder on the Abbey’s grounds, and everyone believes Dr. Paige to be the primary suspect. However, Fr. Gabriel, a Benedictine priest, remains unconvinced and takes it upon himself to uncover the truth. Set in post-war England, Fr. Gabriel’s journey takes readers on a suspenseful adventure, working to solve the tranquil Abbey’s heinous crime. These engaging mysteries combine faith and suspense into a series you won’t want to put down! The series continues as Father Gabriel solves another mystery in The Vanishing Woman.

Check out this series and many other captivating reads at the next Ignatius Book Fair or at shop.ignatiusbookfairs.com. You can be sure that every book at an Ignatius Book Fair has been carefully vetted to ensure that your children receive the best possible content, providing them with virtuous role models and enriching storylines. See you at the Book Fair!

At Ignatius Book Fairs, we aim to foster a love of reading and ensure children can access literature that aligns with Catholic values. We believe in the transformative power of books to mold character and enrich minds. That’s why we offer a thoughtfully curated selection of Christian as well as non-religious works that inspire, educate, and allow children to explore the complementary nature of faith and literature.

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